Creation #3

Chill Kendrick I hear what you’re saying (a)

but I don’t think you’re worthy of my conversation (a)

How can’t you understand

that i rose from the pavement (a)

I’m in a penthouse now

but I started in the basement (a)

where the boogey man is

and things that go bump at night hang (b)

drug dealers, shootouts, fist fights, and dice games (b)

Good kid mad city, its nice

that you overcame (b)

mad city made a genius

Jay Z was his name (b)

and you mad at me

because I chill out with my chains (b)

I’ve helped a man before

the man didn’t do the same (b)

so the unity (c)

is foolery (c)

no such thing as you and me (c)

matter fact you and me (c)

you’re gonna need a eulogy (c)

I’m the king of the streets and of the booth (d)

Shit I was hustling when your ass lost your first tooth (d)

Now you think you bad, tryna step to me (e)

That’s like destiny’s child tryna step to B (e)

This piece was created for a project that we had to do in class. The assignment was to choose two artists and create a 16 bars pretending to be them and battle. I picked Jay-Z, this has been one of the best 16 bars I have ever written. I kept the  rhyming simple and finished off with a really good simile to kill Kendrick Lamar.



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