Creation #2: Confused, Tai Jasper

Do I really love you

or just really like the thought of being with you

It’s been so long

I can’t seem to differentiate the two

I don’t what we’re doing anymore

I’m so confused

Can’t tell if you like me

or if I’m just being used

Maybe it’s better I let this go

Maybe I should move on

Maybe you’ll be better of when I’m gone

But you see the problem is

my mind and my heart don’t cooperate

They’re usually at one but when it comes to love,

They tend to separate.


This piece conveys my feelings for a certain person. I wrote while being confused and not knowing if that person had real feelings for me. Writing my frustration has definetley helped me cope with the situation. Thanks to this piece, I have started to write everyday to deal with my problems. I used a simple rhyme scheme.



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